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Looking for opportunities to give back to community?

Meet new people, build community, have new experiences! Volunteer and work within our communities through The Come Up. We provide ongoing leadership opportunities and positions, work and school references as well as workshops and events!

Since 2013, we have organized multiple events, led a number of initiatives and worked alongside multiple other collectives, community and social service organizations as well as community leaders and members.

We continuously seek to develop and expand our base and welcome you to join our collective and/get involved in the community work we do whenever you can. 


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Feel free to choose more than one! YEG The Come Up has five main task forces: Education and Advocacy, Events Planning, Social Media and Outreach, Community Wellness and Arts and Culture. Community Wellness will examine the needs of our community and respond to those issues. Our goal is to improve wellness through the management of social, environmental, and economic approaches, with a focus on public health, mental health and everything in between. Arts and Culture will contribute to the development of the community’s creative learning process while preserving our heritage. Through art projects, book clubs, paint nights, and more, this task force will cultivate our youth’s creative minds and allow them a distinct medium of self-expression. Events Planning will be in charge of planning and organizing general events for our community. These events range from TCU community socials (90's movies night anyone?) to summer-time youth Galas, to weekend conferences, all with the intent of building and strengthening our community. Social Media and Outreach is in charge of managing The Come Up's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other relevant platforms. They are continually coming up with ways to engage with their audience online and increase our social media presence. Through written, graphic, and video displays they create content that reflects the values of The Come Up and keeps our community in the loop! Education and Advocacy will work towards educating our community about current issues affecting society, and black communities specifically. We hope to create events and workshops centred towards learning and understanding our place in history, the present, and the future of this community.
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TCU has three types of membership. General Members come once a month to General Meetings, and typically provide feedback and new ideas on upcoming initiatives/projects that TCU has planned. General Members are also our main volunteers for TCU or community events. Internal Members come every two weeks, and assist our core team in planning and implementing events/programs/initiatives. They can also create and build events/initiatives/projects based on their task force. Core members attend weekly Friday meetings, and typically take on larger roles within The Come Up regarding planning and implementing our activities. All stages of membership are equally appreciated and needed! Sign up today (we promise you'll have fun)!
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