The Come Up hosts ongoing and event based programs and projects that work to unify and empower African and Caribbean youth in the city of Edmonton. These programs were born as a result of our 2015 #thecomeup conference. Being the first of its kind on Edmonton, we were able to assess our youth and find out our collective needs and provide programs and resources accordingly.




An interactive multi-media art showcase presented by local African and Caribbean youth of TheComeUp. In 2016, this art inspired event featured individual stories, experiences, and faces of African and Caribbean Edmontonians. By doing so, we were able to shed light on our various experiences and positive achievements. Art exhibited included: paintings, cultural artists, dancers, musicians, filmed interviews, and Spoken Word poets.


After consultation with our community leaders, the Africa Centre and our youth have developed a comprehensive Youth Leadership Program. The mission of this program serves to work towards the empowerment of young African and Caribbean peoples. The leadership initiative works hand in hand with our mentorship project to provide opportunities for our African and Caribbean youth including but not limited to; skill building, professional development.

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This community-based Mentorship program seeks to promote and create positive and proactive influences for African youth in junior high, high schools and post-secondary institutions across our city. Through collective and individual mentorship, we aim to provide youth of African descent with both natural and professional supports. Our purpose serves to foster a space where African Canadians, can support other African Canadians in addressing and cultivating cultural identity, professional development and collective participation and partnership within our local African communities.


Every year, we  support our greater organization, Africa Centre, by volunteering at their annual gala! We are responsible for coordinating various aspects of the gala, which is one of the biggest events in the city, attracting more than 600 different people from all over Edmonton. Come and enjoy great food, meet other TheCome Up volunteers, live African  music and other performances!




TheComeUp held the first African youth-led conference in Alberta in 2105. It addressed the challenges, barriers and experiences faced by Black youth in Edmonton. Through the sharing of our diverse and various experiences, our youth-led initiative served to encourage both self and community empowerment from within our communities. The  initiative aimed to improve the development of disconnected youth and the challenges faced across our communities. We are currently in the planning stages for the next conference.


A youth and community enrichment project serves to provide dynamic opportunities for African youth to explore their potential from within and beyond our communities. Through providing workshops, which introduce speakers who will explore topics related to culture, identity and effective skills. We aim to connect our young people to our communities and existing resources. We are committed to creating and strengthening relationships between youth, their families and our communities so that we work towards their individual and collective growth.

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WrapED is a 5 years program that was partially funded by Public Safety Canada (2013-2018). WrapED focuses on youth who are between 12-17 years of age, and are at risk, or engaged in gang activity. Participants are engaged in WrapED for approximately 18 months. Using the appropriate cultural lenses WrapED uses a high fidelity wraparound which is a strength based approach, driven by youth choice or voice.




YEGTheComeUp is thrilled to present our second Black youth conference. Over the two-day conference, participants will not only be informed but provided with connections and necessary steps to address a variety of issues facing Black youth.

This conference includes:

A mixer in collaboration with La Connexional on October 19 | Early-bird prizes for those who arrive 9:00-10:00 AM | African and Caribbean catering; Little Black Book: a pilot project which seeks to provide African and Caribbean young peoples and communities with the necessary resources;