The Africa Centre through consultations with our community leaders and our youth, have developed and launched a comprehensive Community Youth Mentorship. The mission of this program is to work towards the empowerment of young African and Caribbean peoples.

Below is an illustration of the structure of this program;


This structure creates opportunity for various groups to interact with each other, and allows for a continuous cycle of knowledge and culture sharing. This structure also allows for sustainability because as people grow older and reach greater heights in their lives, they can join a new category and begin mentoring or sharing knowledge with the group that they were once in. 

Our evolving multi-level mentorship initiative provides opportunity for:

  1. Youth  to be matched with young adult mentors 
  2. Young adults to be matched with cultural-community-leaders or professional mentors
  3. Former youth mentees to take young adult mentorship roles with youth over subsequent years.
  4. Former young adult mentees will be encouraged to take cultural-community-leader or professional mentorship roles with young adults.
  5. Youth and young adults to benefit from the input of a Wisdom Keeper’s Circle composed of African community leaders and sages that provide cultural advice, guidelines and support. Examples of their support includes:
    1. advising program staff on strategies that can be used to strengthen the cultural identity of our youth (a critical factor to prevent adoption of unhealthy lifestyles).
    2. helping the younger mentees’ parent(s) to understand why their own engagement with their son’s or daughter’s mentorship experience is so vital to its success.
    3. advising on how to translate African “rites of passage” into the Canadian context.


For more information about the program and events, contact;

Mentorship Program Poster.jpg


780 455 5423 ext. 206