After consultation with our community leaders, the Africa Centre and our youth have developed a comprehensive Youth Leadership Program. The mission of this program serves to work towards the empowerment of young African and Caribbean peoples. 

Our leadership initiative works hand in hand with our mentorship project to provide opportunities for our African and Caribbean youth as well as our young adult mentees to:

  1. participate in a year-long series of leadership training workshops and projects.
  2. plan individual and/or collective Leadership/Community Service Learning projects that involve building bridges between Edmonton’s African and non-African peoples.
  3. be matched with their own mentor who will guide and support their leadership project plan and implementation.
  4. benefit from the input of a Wisdom Keeper’s Circle composed of African community leaders and sages that provide cultural advice, guidelines and support. 
    1. advising program staff on strategies that can be used to strengthen the cultural identity of our youth (a critical factor to prevent adoption of unhealthy lifestyles).
    2. helping the younger mentees’ parent(s) to understand why their own engagement with their son’s or daughter’s mentorship experience is so vital to its success.
    3. advising on how to translate African “rites of passage” into the Canadian context.

For more information to be a speaker or for events, contact;

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780 455 5423 ext. 206